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Silence Song

Silence Song

داستان آواز سکوت از کتابی به همین نام
نوشته : اسماعیل لطفی
ترجمه انگلیسی متن داستان

Silence Song


He was seeing all the objectivity and existence under his feet , red , black , white … all the existence. He was understanding grass and the tone of wind's stir. Upto Perception by the sight , there were extensive cemeteries. beside which were human's skulls and brainpans. there were big scorpions . He was seeing life . He was also observing intent and sense of the seas depth . He tightened his eyses with open arms,as if he was hearing all the whale's outbreeds and amorous whispers of small fishes.He was smiling now.He was a man whose lips were smiling since the reflection of all existence. There was neither earth to grow a root nor the sky to snow . he was just realizing The outset of existence domain . When he was a child he used to think the earth was standing on the Goddess feet. It was as if , he was seeing twirl of earth around himself. He was seeing the old bare men and women . Weary men , effete men . He was hearing the soil's breath . It was heavy and ponderous.The men were gazing to the women and woman to the men's buried guns and boots , but suddenly he thouth his images have changed to fiction . He thought he had a fancy which is blooming in his brain . As if he had widdered his hand in the kernel of sun . He was laughing loudly . He didn't like the sun to be round . There was no differene where his father's farm was . It seemed his existence was accomplished in the radiance and flash of the light . On a big cliff , he saw all the people , all of the creatures . Sometimes he was hearing the sounds of small fishe's crys in the deepest part of ocean . Not only his mind , but also his heart was heart . In nature's Silence the men were singing , and he was hearing the best symphony. He put his hands on his head and stopped laughing . When he opened his eyes , it seemed all his thirsty vessels had feeled and gained their breathing current again… He knelt down . He assumed all the life as an accident … colors … even the small lonely and sad fish… Perhaps the world was losing something . The bear people were showing their clothes to each other. It was as if he had all the sky in his hand , but he didn't have anything to express. He thought the life was the result of all the red , black and white breaths of human not their moments which were Vertigoing … !



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